Crafthole Origins

We are a mother and daughter (2) trio living separately, continuing our love for crafting in three different "holes!" Since development of The Crafthole name a few years ago, we have shared our Holes with others, who may intermittently contribute their creations to our shop. These are very special moments we are happy to share with y'all!

Before we knew it we were separated by miles. Laura moved to Oklahoma with her husband, Leigh moved to Michigan with her husband, and Jean was in holding steady in The Woodlands, Texas. Naturally, The Crafthole multiplied! We had a Crafthole in OK, MI, and TX! 

"What's with the name?" Well, growing up we had a tendency to scatter all of the supplies in our craft closet across the dining room table and floor. Mom would get home from work and frequently proclaim, "this place is a sh*thole." As all crafters know, this happens ALL THE TIME! I mean, you just need so many supplies and what's the sense in putting them all away when you plan to do it all again tomorrow?? Years later, a wise man (son/brother-in-law) generated the name "Crafthole," a place where crafters can leave out all their craft supplies without disruption to otherwise daily functions. It is also a place that frequently "sucks you in" and you completely lose track of time. Can anyone else relate?

What we've learned over years of crafting is we love a challenge and learning new forms of art. When we visit new cities we like to experiment with new classes. We've done blown glass in Oklahoma City, OK, glass fusing in Brighton, MI, and beading bracelets in Grayton Beach, FL. Beyond traditional crafting, our creations come to life in the kitchen with cookies, cakes and cupcakes, as well! We all express our art differently and prefer various crafts because of the process. Laura spends the most time planning and organizing for her masterpieces, Jean slowly execute perfection, while Leigh impulsively makes decisions as she goes. 

We are eager to share our creations with y'all and love getting feedback to improve, modify, or learn new techniques. Please be kind and careful with your words. We know what we make is not "perfect," and neither are we. That is what makes each item unique and special! Card-making has been a staple, or "go-to," craft for us, however we thoroughly enjoy partaking in other forms of art. You may see some of those in our shop as well! 

Thank you for sharing in this endeavor with us and we hope you take joy in spreading The Crafthole creations with others!


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