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Beach Girls take on Norway

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

United States of America->Oslo->Lofoten Islands->.

Beaches of Norway

At the end of August-first of September 2018, The "Girls of October" traded in their bikinis, er swimsuits, for their much dreamed about Norwegian 10-day adventure! While it wasn't the notoriously best time of year to go, as the summer was coming to an end, we hit the jackpot with gorgeous weather most day. And our intermittent rain showers felt just right!

Design with Ease

“What did they say to y'all?"
"We have no idea, absolutely no idea, mom.”

Arrival (& coffee)

Leigh touched town an hour earlier in Oslo on minimal sleep and kicked off the shopping with 4 1-pound chocolate bars. Had to have all the flavors of course! After our initial meet and greet, filled with giggles, hugs, laughter and smack talk, Laura had us all set to hop on the train for .

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